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Por Dr. Gene (Dandy) Crumbley

A Little Boy And His Trains (English Edition)

This book,“A Little Boy and His Trains“, came about because of a little boy and his love of trains and anything that had to do with trains. The book is an “almost true” story beginning with his very first train book which happened to be the famous little blue tank engine. Each page tells a story about a train toy that Craig had and played with, and train shows, train exhibits, or train rides which Craig and Dandy did together. One of the rides was an exciting trip to Plains, GA,the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter. A color picture on each page shows exactly what that story is about, except on a couple of pages where permission to use a picture was not granted. This story really had it's beginning when Craig was visiting his grandfather whom he calls Dandy. They were on the porch and Craig was playing with one of his toy trains when a train horn sounded far off in the distance, and he wanted to ""go find that train. So they hopped in the car and started out to find that train. After some time of riding up and down different roads, they finally saw the train, and then chased it, and beat it back to the town from where they started. In between the ""first train book"" and ""chasing the train"" are stories that children of any age will find very interesting and delightful. Parents and Grandparents will enjoy reading these stories to their children and grandchildren, and older children will enjoy putting themselves in Craig's shoes as they follow his adventures with the trains. This story is a true story except for one part, which makes it an ""almost true""story. It is up to the reader to guess which part that is!.





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A Little Boy And His Trains (English Edition)


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