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Por Vicki Combs

Portable Lives (English Edition)

This book is about two people on the move. Until they settled permanently in Owensboro, Kentucky, neither Vicki nor John had lived in one place more than four years. Vicki was a military "brat" who was born on the Air Force base in San Antonio. After her father's discharge. he entered the United Methodist ministry, an occupation that requires almost as much moving as the military does. John's father was also a United Methodist minister who relocated often. During their childhoods, John and Vicki met many unusual people, and they witnessed mane unusual events and situations. Their book offers descriptions of some of those people and of some of those events. It also includes description of their personal relationships. Vicki and John met in Owensboro, where he was a professor and she a student at Kentucky Wesleyan College. They married in 1980, and for the first time lived in a permanent place. Yet, they kept moving. Common interests and natural curiosity propelled them to meet new people, experience new events, visit new places. They both loved to travel, so they traveled extensively here and abroad. This book is about movement, mutual love, humorous happenings, dreams and fantasies, tribulations, and joys. It is about childhood. It is about adult life. It includes a 33-year excursion of two people on the move.





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