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Practical Microbiology for MBBS Students (English Edition)

The Practical Microbiology for MBBS Students is an important component of examination. The amount of information for practical examination based on theory is important and should continue to facilitate and enhance learning practical skills. In this book, students are provided with relevant learning tools to help them sort through the mammoth amount of information to produce practically relevant results keeping in view of examination. The book is divided into three units based on the major components included within practical microbiology. Questions asked in practical examination with answers are provided at the end of each chapter which will be useful for students for answering practical questions. Unit 1 presents basic principles of practical microbiology which will provide students with a firm practical foundation. Unit 2 highlights practical exercises given to students in practical examination with figures and original photographs for better understanding with relevant questions. The emphasis is on the characteristics and methods used to recover and identify each group of organisms. Many tables have been used to summarize the major features of organisms and schematic networks to show relationship and differences between similar or closely related species. Photographs have been used to show the characteristics of particular organism and for spots in original with relevant answer. Unit 3 includes appendices with extra information for the students.





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Practical Microbiology for MBBS Students (English Edition)





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