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Por Gladys Ambort

Solitary: Alone We Are Nothing

As a young student and activist for a different social order, Gladys Ambort fell victim to political repression in the Argentina of the 1970s. Denounced by her professor, she was incarcerated for three years, during part of which she underwent solitary confinement in a small, unsanitary cell. Solitary is her account of this era of her life, including her battles with alienation, truth, reality and uncertainty. It ends with her exile to France where, traumatised but feted as a survivor, she struggled to re-build a life scarred by physical and psychological torture, abandonment and repression. Not knowing if she might `disappear' without trace (as did some colleagues), she came to fear the footsteps of her captors and grappled for decades afterwards to recover from the `nothingness' to which her tormentors reduced her. With literature one of her few escapes, this penetrating study includes warnings by some of the world's great thinkers as she demands respect for human rights, the memories of those who died and echoes the still necessary exhortation, `Never again!' Looks at the psychological and other effects of solitary confinement. A true story of how a seventeen-year-old paid harshly for her progressive beliefs. A valuable addition to the literature of political repression. Exctract: `The fear caused by nothingness makes sanity explode. The threat of nothingness dominates us. It is stronger than any will, any intention. Nothing subverts our decisions more easily than the impossibility of resisting the threat of nothingness. There is no determination to oppose it, no mental structure against it, no human theory that can withstand it'. (Chapter XXV).





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Solitary: Alone We Are Nothing





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