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Por Alan W. Harris

Tales of Larkin: Larkin's Journal

Fans of Tales of Larkin: Hawthorn’s Discovery have long awaited this prequel to the action-packed story about the inch-tall warriors of the deep woods. In Alan Harris’ first book, the reader is introduced to the Larkin, tiny forest people who must daily face the dangers of spiders, ants, lizards (which they call dragons), wasps, serpents, birds, frogs, and weasels, as well as having to constantly be alert for attacks from their mortal enemies, the Renegades. This second book in the series reveals the exciting history of these determined, resourceful people. Tales of Larkin: Larkin’s Journal is the story of Larkin, son of Ramus, who will eventually become the patriarch of all of the Larkin tribes. From an early age Larkin finds his life filled with adventure, danger, and intrigue. Packed with more unforgettable and inspiring characters as well as fast-paced action and mystery, Larkin’s Journal is a page-turner that is fun for the whole family. Fans of the first book will finally have their questions answered: From where did the Larkin people come? How did these inch-tall people in the woods ever hear about the Maker and His Son, Jehesus? And lastly, will their faith carry them through the trials of treachery, exile, and a pilgrimage to a new world?.





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Editor Tales of Larkin: Larkin's Journal

Fruitful Tree Publishing; Edición: contains an appendix that encourages character development

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15 de noviembre de 2017



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